CEO Message

Farwa Akhlaq

Farwa Akhlaq is the CEO and founder of consulting agency “Farhha Consulting.”

Farwa Akhlaq is an international star award winner. She has also won an award for top inspirational women of the year in the UK and the young achiever of the year.

She is one of the great women who stands for human rights and the freedom of living and speech. She is a woman who has this great purpose and goal of life to create a better society and to empower young women to play their roles.

It is a consulting agency that aims to help people regarding social entrepreneurship, social development, physical and mental health, global campaigns, career counseling, business counseling, social learning, public relations, and many more.  Farhha Consulting is the best place to excel in the skills of youth. The main motto of Farhha Consulting is to create a change in society and solve different issues related to the UN SDGs, which affect the people living in Pakistan and around the world. The empowerment of girls is also one of the main mottos of this agency. It is an award-winning agency that helps you to grow in your life at various stages. This agency has different strategies and policies to improve people’s efficiency and growth rate in society. Farhha Consulting is playing an essential role in creating awareness and eliminating domestic violence against women.

It conducts many events, workshops, and international conferences to raise its voice on different issues. This consulting agency has many members, and all these members work in collaboration to implement various projects. On becoming a part of this consulting agency, It provides different opportunities and growth for young people. Farhha consulting agency has a special focus on the protection, safeguard, and freedom of speech of women of our country. It also offers internships that helps students to learn new skills and grow. It is a great platform for youth.